Start treating Social Anxiety with Kyle MacDonald

Seven percent of adults suffer from the often crippling effects of Social Anxiety Disorder. This means they often fail to step outside their comfort zone to enjoy life and even struggle to seek help by visiting a therapist. 

Are you affected by anxiety in your work and social life? If you are, you’ll know this treatable condition leads to panic attacks and isolation. This affects your ability to enjoy many of the things in life you’d like to.

If you are one of these people, you can start to change your life with a professional therapy course delivered to you at home.

Registered Psychotherapist, Co-Director of Robert Street Clinic, On the Couch and Overcoming Social Anxiety blogger plus regular Radio Live / Newstalk ZB radio guest, Kyle MacDonald has designed an online package to help. His new interactive, online treatment plan is specifically aimed at people suffering social anxiety. It’s called The Confident Mind.

In carefully selected bite-size exercises that work in harmony with a blog and podcast, the the package blends Kyle’s 15 years’ clinical experience and interest in technology with effective virtual therapy. Each week you’ll complete new exercises that teach the confidence skills you want to learn. With these skills and practical advice you’ll begin to understand why you feel anxious and learn how to live without it.

“People who suffer from social anxiety often avoid situations which cause them to feel anxious or shy – which, in turn, means that although they may well be aware of their issue, they do not want to ask for help. This can become a vicious cycle” says Kyle.

“The Confident Mind podcast is designed to reach out to people who suffer with social anxiety and give them the information and practical advice necessary for them to start tackling how they feel.”

For less than $300 (NZ) you can get started with sessions that Kyle introduces through video, live online group sessions, interactive webinars, customised workbooks and more.

“I’m trained in both behavioural and psychodynamic therapies so I know that I can really help people, even if they don’t want to visit a clinic or talk through their anxieties in a group. My virtual Confident Mind clients can learn the skills to start tackling their anxiety on their own couch rather than mine.”

In 2015 Kyle was thrilled to find that the blog was voted one of the world’s ‘Top-10’ by leading psychotherapy website . For more information on how to start tackling your anxiety visit the site or contact Kyle directly: .